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  • My breath of fresh air
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  • Q2 Thao Dien My breath of fresh air 3
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Q2 THAO DIEN residents will enjoy a truly active lifestyle amidst a lush landscape setting SIX@Q2 located on the 6th storey of the development. It features a number of active and interactive areas for exercise and enjoyment.

The main feature is the 50-metre infinity pool facing the Saigon River and the view stretches beyond the Thanh Da Island. There is also the floating gym and the sunrise yoga platform.


  • 1Lift lobby with lounger
  • 2Feature spiral staircase
  • 3Lap pool
  • 4Children's pool
  • 5Water sprout
  • 6Water play area
  • 7Water garden
  • 8Spa pool
  • 9Hydrotherapy spa lounger/ massage jets
  • 10Rain spa
  • 11Shallow pool lounger
  • 12Pool bed deck
  • 13Pool lounger
  • 14Parenting lounger

  • 15Wallholla/ vectical playground
  • 16Overflow recreation area
  • 17Play area/ with soft pad seating
  • 18Refreshment vending machine
  • 19BBQ/ Outdoor alfresco
  • 20Relexology spa path
  • 21Mini-amphitheatre
  • 22Game table
  • 23Multi-function room
  • 24Pocket garden
  • 25Outdoor fitness station
  • 26Cloud lounge
  • 27Cascade deck lounger

SIX@Q2 mezzanine


  • 1Floating gym
  • 2Yoga deck area